After More Tweets Are Exposed Suspended Politico Reporter Deletes Account

After More Tweets Are Exposed Suspended Politico Reporter Deletes Account

Joe Williams, Politico’s laughably biased and racialist White House Correspondent, was suspended last week after launching a racial attack against Mitt Romney on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show, and a series of tweets were discovered that were first published at Breitbart News. In response, Williams did what most entitled mainstream media types do under these circumstances. He blamed the messenger.

Apparently, Williams’ problems aren’t over. Although he blocked anyone but authorized users from accessing his Twitter account, the Daily Caller says it has archived months of Williams’ tweets, including one that appears to accuse his own employer of racism:

[Williams] tweeted about his employer on the evening of March 30 that “what’s most irritating is the overlay of blatant racism. that’s the secret sauce in the Politico shitburger.”

Williams has since deleted his Twitter account entirely.

Politico has a real problem on its hands. This is an election year, and yet according to an article published in Huffington Magazine, the left-wing outlet’s traffic is lower than it was at this time last year.

Thanks to their daily left-wing bias and subsequent marriages to MSNBC and Media Matters, Politico’s marginalized itself, lost all of its credibility, and now relies on the far-left as its base.

For pretty obvious reasons, Williams appeals to the far-left, and its members have already made clear they will not be happy if he is let go.

So what’s Politico to do? Alienate its base and possibly erode its traffic further by letting Williams go? Or keep on a White House correspondent who has not only compromised himself completely but also made “dick” jokes about Ann Romney and apparently declared Politico itself a racist shitburger.

This is a bed Politico worked overtime to construct for itself — the price paid for selling its integrity to get Obama in the White House.

A bad day for Politico is a good day for America.


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