NBC News President Capus Rips Ann Curry

NBC News President Capus Rips Ann Curry

What a den of snakes at NBC News. Ann Curry, who was fired from her job as co-host of the Today Show, was savaged after she left by the president of NBC News, Steve Capus. Here was Capus’ parting shot:

“We gave her a year to prove herself, and ultimately we came to the conclusion that she had played at the highest level she could. When you’re in the major leagues of our profession, you’ve got to continue to be at peak performance in order to stay there.”

Capus then tried to soften his bludgeoning:

“I think it was not where her real passion was. In her heart of hearts, I think she would admit that. I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories. It’s tough to convey a sincere interest in something if you don’t possess it.”

But then, Capus isn’t the only snake in the den: Curry walked away with a cool $10 million to be demoted to being an international correspondent — and we already know how much she’ll enjoy currying favor with the anti-Americans abroad. Let’s take a brief look at her history:

September 2011: After the suicide of a gay teenager, Curry asked the boy’s parents: “Do you think our churches, our politicians and other adults who adhere to an anti-gay message enable some of this hate?”

January 2012: Curry said to Newt Gingrich, “Are you intentionally playing the race card to win votes?”

March 2012: Attacking actor Kirk Cameron for his Christian beliefs: “I’m going to ask you about this firestorm that you set off…on the topic of gay marriage …. Many people are suggesting that this is hate speech. Are you encouraging people to feel hate towards gay people?”

The third member of the triumvirate of snakes, is, of course, Matt Lauer, who reportedly absolutely hated Curry, threw his coworkers under the bus on Editgate, was confronted by his wife over his alleged affair with coworker Natalie Morales (with whom it was widely rumored that he fathered a child, and is famously left-wing. Witness these pronouncements:


1994, as guest host of the Today Show: “We hear the stories of discrimination in education and housing and jobs all the time. We hear the violence between races. Do you think it’s possible that America is simply an inherently racist place?”

2004, to Lynne Cheney, who’d written a book about the revolutionary war: “Let me talk about this idea that a rag-tag group – not well-fed, not well-clothed, completely under-equipped as compared to this great British army and the Hessians – could accomplish this. And let me ask you to think about what is going on in Iraq today, where the insurgents – not well equipped, smaller in numbers – the greatest army in the world is their opposition. What’s the lesson here?”

2005, to an officer in Iraq: “Don’t get me wrong here, I think you are probably telling me the truth but a lot of people at home are wondering how that could be possible with the conditions you’re facing and with the attacks you’re facing. What would you say to those people who are doubtful that morale can be that high?”

2006, appealing to Al Gore: “From your point of view, if you were to run for President you could take this issue [of global warming] to the next level …. You could be in a position to save the planet!”

When one snake spits venom at another, it’s difficult to feel empathy for either. When there are three in the same vicinity, someone will emerge with fangs in their neck. This time, it’s Curry.