Salon's Joan Walsh Compares Drudge Report To KKK

Salon's Joan Walsh Compares Drudge Report To KKK

Joan Walsh recently penned a stuffy, condescending screed comparing the Drudge Report to the KKK’s Stormfront website. I’m not sure as to your personal limitation where it concerns contradiction, but as for me, I find this hard to take seriously, considering Walsh once implied that only black Americans are on food stamps. 

Walsh declared it Racist™ months ago when Newt Gingrich called Barack Obama the “food stamp president,” citing numerous studies which showed a record number of Americans were receiving government assistant. I wrote at the time

Unemployment is soaring at nine percent.

The CBO predicted that the US economy will be unsustainable by 2037 on its current path.

The IMF declared two weeks ago that the age of America will end in a decade.

One in six Americans now receive government help. USA Today says more Americans are receiving federal aid than ever. Investors’ Insight says more Americans than ever before are on the government dole.

Lastly, according to our own government statistics, more white Americans receive federal aid than black Americans, shattering the stereotype that led Walsh to immediately think “black people” when she heard the words “food stamps.”

Walsh deduced that Gingrich couldn’t possibly be referencing any of this; no, it had to be because he’s being racist. She mentioned Gingrich’s quote last year to the National Review, wherein Gingrich repeated Dinesh D’Souza’s analysis that President Obama was influenced by the anti-colonial outlook of his father.

It’s always amusing to me when old, white liberals project their old, white prejudices onto the GOP. Also amusing: when progressives insist that Republicans don’t understand the “complex” health care law while admitting in the next sentence that they themselves don’t understand it. 

As for Walsh’s Drudge/Stormfront comparison, between her and Drudge, there’s only one person insisting that black Americans = foodstamps. Reflections, Joan.