ABC: 'Best News' Is Gas Prices Will Drop in Time for November

ABC: 'Best News' Is Gas Prices Will Drop in Time for November

The Activist Old Media is making it very clear who they want to win the White House in 2012. It’s the same guy they were rooting for in 2008.

Lowering gas prices is one of the weapons they will use to try to convince you that Barack Obama is fixing this economy that, in reality, is still spinning very much out of control. Reality be damned, they have an election to win for the Democrat this fall.

On ABC’s “Good Morning America” Monday, the anchors were talking about falling gas prices, and reporter Paula Faris said something so blatantly biased I almost couldn’t believe ABC would allow it. She said, “The best news, it (the gas price) might drop another 50 cents by Halloween, just before the election.”

Why bring the election into this? I don’t fill up my tank wondering what the price will be in the fall. I look at the price on the pump now. It’s almost like they have something mapped out here, sort of like a template that they are putting together between now and November to tell the story they want. Is that how you do news?

She also called it the “best news” that the price would go down by Halloween.The best news to me would be that it were still the same price as when Obama took office, or that it would at least match inflation. Yes, we know that would be great news for the ABC newsroom if prices fall before the election, because they can report (falsely) that Obama has brought prices down and celebrate a November 6th win that they helped orchestrate. The Activist Old Media does not talk “truth to power;” they try to create that power when libs are running the show.

Let’s put the gas prices in context for ABC. When Obama took office, the nationwide average was $1.85 a gallon. That means they have nearly doubled in less than three years. Even if they actually do drop 50 cents a gallon in the fall, we would still be paying a dollar per gallon more than when Dear Leader took office. Of course, ABC won’t report that.

Good Morning America did do some comparison of gas price numbers; they compared the national average now compared to April and to last year. Yes, gas prices are down since then, but remember, they brought the politics of the election into this issue but failed to mention the price of gas when Obama took office.

ABC knows the numbers. If they are going to report on “falling gas prices” and use politics as their context, let’s use all the numbers, even the ones that will hurt their Beloved One.

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