WaPo Fact Checker: 'Likely' Obama's Stimulus Used to Create Jobs Overseas

WaPo Fact Checker: 'Likely' Obama's Stimulus Used to Create Jobs Overseas

Because it was the corrupt Washington Post that in coordination with the Obama campaign launched the false attack about Romney being an outsourcer, I’m going with that headline. It is accurate, after all. Certainly more accurate than the Post changing the definition of outsourcing to, “something Romney didn’t do but we’re going to accuse him of doing anyway.”

The Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler, finds fault with much of the GOP’s data accusing Obama of outsourcing jobs and money with the taxpayer-funded stimulus — but in the end, wayyyyy at the bottom of his article, Kessler is forced to admit to this before awarding the GOP three pinocchios:

On a broad-brush basis, the RNC’s central claim has a bit of truth in it — some jobs were likely created overseas and some money went overseas[.]

In other words, there is some truth to the GOP’s charges that the stimulus funded jobs overseas. On the other hand, there is ZERO truth in what Obama and the Washington Post said about Romney and outsourcing.

What’s most fascinating, though, is the White House itself has yet (as far as I know) to fight back against the RNC’s claims.

Silly me. Why would they, when they have the lapdog Washington Post to do it for them?


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