Disgraced NPR Chief Picked to Head NBC News Digital

Disgraced NPR Chief Picked to Head NBC News Digital

Proving that no misdeed goes unrewarded on the left, reports have it that once Microsoft and NBC News break up housekeeping and put an end to MSNBC.com in its current form, the resulting new Internet outlet will be getting a new chief. And that new chief will be none other than Vivian Schiller, the disgraced former head of National Public Radio (NPR).

You may remember Vivian Schiller for her bungled firing of the NPR commentator Juan Williams back in 2010.

The Juan Williams mess wasn’t the only thing that Schiller mishandled while chief of NPR. She was also involved in the tap dancing the publicly funded radio outlet performed when independent journalist James O’Keefe plied an undercover camera that caught NPR execs agreeing to take millions in donations from what they understood to be the Muslim Brotherhood, as well known terror outfit from the Middle East.

Eventually, Schiller was forced out of her position at NPR for the PR messes she created.

Yet, after two major public relations disasters in as many years, disasters that revealed not only her outright bias, but a sneaking anti-Semitism, Schiller now stands poised to be given the reins of a new, multi-million dollar Internet news outlet backed by none other than NBC News!

Obviously there really is no shame on the left. As long as you are a steadfast adherent of leftism, no matter what your crimes you will stay in their good graces.

Were you caught being client number nine? No worries Mr.Spitzer, the left still hearts you. Caught wagging your Weiner on Twitter? Why, we’ll still back your run for Mayor of New York City. Heard calling out those darn, evil Jooos? Ah, Helen, all’s forgiven and here’s your “spirit of diversity ” award. Walter, you say you did know about the Gulags and the millions ol’ Joe Stalin was murdering? Never mind all that, we are so pleased to give you a Pulitzer Prize just the same.

As to the whole scheme at MSNBC.com, the plans seem to be that the site will eventually no longer be a combined cable TV and NBC daily news website. The news side will soon be rebranding itself as NBC News Digital. MSNBC.com will eventually be dedicated solely to the cable channel and will continue on with content solely centered on the TV side. Soon, NBC News will no longer be so inextricably linked to the MSNBC channel and with the extremist stance of the “talent” at the cable channel that will have to help NBC News’ reputation.