The Obama Way: Romney Must Ignore Media Fact-Checkers and Attack

The Obama Way: Romney Must Ignore Media Fact-Checkers and Attack

If you want to know how the media makes a political figure pay a price for something, all you had to do was watch what they did to John Sununu. Sununu did nothing wrong on yesterday’s conference call. He was inarticulate for a moment and then on the same phone call apologized a few minutes later.

But that didn’t matter to the corrupt media. They were looking for something — anything! — that would give them a shield and a club. A shield to protect Obama from Romney’s attacks and a club to use the conference call as a way to go right back to beating on Mitt Romney.  You can read my first-hand account of how the media did this here.

My point, though, is that, when the media chooses to, it can make a politician pay for something.

What we know for an absolute fact today is that a number of media fact-checkers usually not friendly to Republican candidates have all been on the same page regarding Obama’s outsourcing/Bain attack against Mitt Romney — that the Obama campaign is lying.

Well, that’s all well and good, but what the corrupt media is NOT doing is making Obama pay a political price for lying. In fact, what we’ve seen the corrupt media do instead these past few weeks is stand back in awe at how effective these dishonest attacks have been.

And to protect Democrats, this is something the media always does. Sure, so that they’re on the record, the media will dutifully report something damaging to, say, Barack Obama, but they will never-ever-ever-ever allow that damaging information to turn into a narrative like the one created around John Sununu yesterday.

So what good are fact-checkers if the same media that fact-checks Obama simply stands back and lets him get away with month after month of lie after lie?

In 2008, I watched in agony as these fact-checkers blocked every criticism against Obama John McCain launched. Time after time, Politifact and the rest would ensure none of McCain’s attacks gained any traction. Many of these fact-checks would go to outrageous lengths to protect Obama, and it would always work. The media would grab the fact-check, declare the criticism against Obama untrue, and then question McCain’s honesty.

What a racket.

Well, today the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler is back at it — offering up the maximum number of Pinocchios against Romney’s ENTIRE attack on Obama’s crony capitalism: the rewarding of donors like a Solyndra board-member with a half-billion of our dollars.

Normally I would deconstruct Kessler’s fact-check, but thanks to Barack Obama, I no longer have to waste the time.

The Obama Way is to ignore the fact-checkers and keep right on swinging.

With that precedent, Mitt Romney needs to do the same.

To hell with these fact-checkers.

Obama’s rules, not ours. 



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