Poll: NBC News Mocks Trump's Call for More Transparency From Obama

Poll: NBC News Mocks Trump's Call for More Transparency From Obama

If a “reputable” outfit like NBC News can post a poll on a site where only swamp-dwelling leftists visit, we figured we would do the same below at Breitbart News — where we enjoy a much more politically diverse readership.

Obviously terrified at the thought of Obama’s “sealed records” ever seeing the light of day, NBC News decided to mock the very idea of such a thing by taking a Donald Trump tweet and turning it into an online poll question:

What’s More Important For the American Public to Have?

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns or…

Barack Obama’s Sealed Records?

If, by sealed records, Trump meant Obama’s college transcripts, my colleague Mike Flynn made a superb case yesterday for why those transcripts are every bit as relevant to this campaign as anything the Obama campaign is asking Romney for. It’s also worth noting that we haven’t seen ANY of Obama’s college transcripts and yet we have a full year of Romney’s tax returns and will see a second year when they’re completed.

But there are other “sealed records” in Obama’s life and political career. Breitbart News editor-in-chief Joel Pollak listed ten of those yesterday: The Khalidi tape, Fast and Furious documents, and the medical records of a president who admitted to once using cocaine.

I would also add to the “sealed records” pile: Obama’s still undisclosed donors from 2008. Though McCain didn’t take advantage of this loophole, Obama chose to not divulge the names  or addresses of those who contributed less than $200 to his presidential campaign. Some reports estimate that these add up to tens of thousands of donors who donated somewhere around $200 million. Though, for obvious reasons, the news media refused to make an issue out of this in ’08, even The Washington Post worried about how many and much of those donations might have been foreign.  

So keeping all of  this in mind, Breitbart News thought NBC News had a pretty good idea — you know, turning Mr. Trump’s tweet into a poll. So please do vote using the poll to the right.

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