Correction Request: New York Times Falsely Accuses Breitbart's Brandon Darby

Correction Request: New York Times Falsely Accuses Breitbart's Brandon Darby

In an article today on the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, Colin Moynihan of the New York Times alleges that Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby, who turned FBI informant and prevented left-wing activists from attacking the 2008 convention with molotov cocktails, had organized the activists’ travel to site:

The resistRNC Web site includes a “Notice to Law Enforcement Spying on Us,” which states that the group is not planning violent actions. The site’s creators also said that people who identify an informant may receive an award that they have named after Brandon Darby, a man from Texas who worked secretly for the F.B.I. while organizing a group to travel to the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

The truth–as Moynihan and the New York Times are well aware, and which Darby has stated in public and under oath–is that he did not organize any part of the group’s activities, neither its travel nor its protests.

As David Bossie recalled recently:

Darby was part of a group calling itself the 2008 “RNC Welcoming Committee.” When Darby learned that the group planned to throw molotov cocktails at the crowds, he went to the FBI and became an informant. The “RNC Welcoming Committee” obviously was an extreme group and he knew it. Darby is a hero for revealing and stopping their bomb plots. Of course, he was vilified by the Left as a “snitch” and a “rat,” while the media focused on the idea of him betraying the liberal cause instead of shining a light on the radicals who sought to attack and harm innocent people attending the RNC.

While Darby was part of the group that traveled to the RNC, it is incorrect to state that he had organized it.

We respectfully request that the New York Times correct the story.