Manure: ABC News Suggests Ann Romney's Horse Could Delay VP Announcement

Manure: ABC News Suggests Ann Romney's Horse Could Delay VP Announcement

In a bizarre and utterly unsourced report suggesting that the hoity-toity Romneys may be allowing their highfalutin equine hijinks to corrupt their campaign, ABC News states today that Ann Romney’s horse’s participation in the London Olympics may delay her husband’s VP announcement:

The success of Ann Romney’s dressage horse, Rafalca, in the London Olympics could determine when Mitt Romney announces his running mate.

As Mitt Romney prepares to head back to the states Tuesday evening after several days abroad, the frenzied speculation about who he will choose to be his running mate will reignite after a momentary pause.

But not so fast, veepstakes trackers.

One person who isn’t heading back to the United States quite yet is Ann Romney, who will return to England from Poland Tuesday to see her horse compete Aug. 2 and 3. Depending on how the horse performs, he could show again Aug. 8 and 9, Ann Romney’s spokeswoman, Sarah Haley, said.

That means Ann Romney might not be back in the United States for at least another week.

The candidate is unlikely to announce his running mate – unarguably one of the most important moments of his campaign – without his wife, whom he often refers to as his “sweetheart,” by his side.

Emily Friedman, the “reporter” who penned this journalistic abortion, can’t help but allow her hatred for Romney to color this non-story. The fact is that very few VP nominees have been announced significantly prior to the major party conventions. And she cites precisely zero sources who suggest that the success of Rafalca in the Olympics will impact Romney’s timing. She hates Romney so much she even sneers about Romney labeling his wife his “sweetheart.” It’s all an attempt to paint the Romneys as out of touch, high class snobs who know nothing about the worries of little people.

Mitt and Ann Romney may be experts on horses. But Emily Friedman and ABC are apparently experts on how to be horses’ asses.