ABC Ignores Possible Collusion Between Obama Campaign and SuperPAC

ABC Ignores Possible Collusion Between Obama Campaign and SuperPAC

I make the mistake of watching ABC’s Good Morning America most mornings. It’s out of habit, having worked on air at an ABC affiliate for 25 years (plus, who wants to see Charlie Rose first thing in the morning?) These days, it’s hard to tell the difference between GMA and ET, but their ratings are improving…so I guess they’ll keep going that direction and give us the latest in Madonna/Gaga/Bieber News when it happens, as it happens. 

As for real news, when they do that, they get it wrong. Oh, I will point out if they actually do something right and when they put it in proper context, but those days are few and far between. 

They have ignored the possible collusion between the Obama campaign and an Obama SuperPAC. Just ignored it. This is a big deal here folks. It’s a violation of federal law and the details have been well documented. The Obama campaign combined with Priorities USA in running the now infamous Joe Soptic ad charging Romney with killing Joe’s wife through decisions made at a company Romney had left 6 years prior to her death. 

As John Nolte has written here, the media happily accepts the lies given to them by Obama.

In fact, ABC covers up Obama lies by saying both sides are doing it. Listen to George Stephanopoulos, “Both sides are willing to take all kinds of heat for getting accused of running misleading ads, but they’re just gonna keep pumping em out there.” Responded Jon Karl, “Ya, you know, it’s almost like they’re not even trying to be factual, George.” ABC didn’t mention any ad specifically, but guess which video you’re seeing while Karl is talking? Yep, the Romney ad blasting Obama for gutting welfare reform. They say that is a lie, which it is not, and they totally ignore the insane Priorities USA ad, and worse yet, say nothing about the likely collusion between the campaigns. That’s a federal crime right committed by the Obama campaign, and you ignore it?

Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Director was set to go on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. She has now cancelled her appearance. George promoted his weekend show on GMA, but ignored Cutter dropping out. Why is she dropping out? She’s been caught on tape lying about what she knew and when she knew it concerning the ad with Joe Soptic. 

Oh, all of this might be too confusing for voters to figure, especially when people are more concerned with a Beach Volleyball gold medal…so I will simplify it for the media. Try this headline. “Obama Campaign Commits Federal Violation.” You can put a “may have,” or an “allegedly” in there, but if your eyes are not already so clouded with false hope and change, open them just long enough to see how you are being played and your love for Dear Leader takes precedence over serving viewers. 

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