Democratic Infighting Ensues over SuperPAC Ad

Democratic Infighting Ensues over SuperPAC Ad

The Obama campaign blinked when its Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, dropped an appearance on “This Week” to avoid harsh questioning over her dishonesty about Bull Burton’s shameful Priorities USA ad. That ad has caused a mini-war within the Democratic upper echelon. 

Lanny Davis slammed the ad, calling it “disgusting.”

“Bill Burton needs to go back to ethics school,” Davis said of the group’s senior strategist, who is a former Obama White House spokesman. “He knows perfectly well that the ad is misleading and disgusting and he needs to apologize for it.”

MSNBC called it “dishonest” and other networks have grilled Cutter and Bill Burton of Priorities USA. How bad must it be for you to lose MSNBC?

Conservatives are calling for an apology and retraction, and even more are calling for an FEC investigation into possible collusion between the campaign and superPAC. It’s serious enough that the lines are drawn for a small-scale civil war within the Democrat party. Who will get thrown under the bus?