When Politico Is Critical of Obama Media, Something's Up

When Politico Is Critical of Obama Media, Something's Up

Let’s first give credit where credit is due. Politico, the web site that is the brunt of a lot of criticism here, knows that there is something fishy with the collusion between the Obama camp and a pro-Obama SuperPAC and they are saying so. 

This involves the ridiculous claim in an ad that Mitt Romney is somehow responsible for the death of a Pennsylvania woman who died of cancer more than 6 years after he left Bain Capital. No need to contest that here, the ad has been thoroughly debunked and makes a sham of any sort of real-world context. It’s a disaster and is now doing more harm to Obama, not Romney, every time it runs. 

The issue now is how the Obama campaign and Priorities USA worked together with the main subject of the ad, Joe Soptic. Clearly they did. That evidence has been documented and it will be interesting to see how the Activist Old Media deals with this. It’s a violation of federal campaign laws for a campaign to coordinate with a SuperPAC. There will be no ruling, or penalty on this until well after the November election, but we don’t need a ruling from a government agency to figure out what happened here. We have eyes that see. 

Politico gets it and is has a column by Dylan Byers critical of the media for “going light” on the conflicting claims of what the campaign knew, when they knew it, who knew it, bla bla bla bla—–remember transparency? 

Politico points out how the Obama campaign’s stories are not adding up and the media asked one (1) question at the end of the press scrum aboard Air Force One. Going light. 

All the evidence is there and Breitbart’s RB has done the work for the media to connect the dots. They just need to read the story, then act like real journalists and report. You know when Politico is blasting the media for “going light” on Obama, somethin nasty is brewin in that Chicago cesspool. 

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