Contempt Lawsuit Against Holder: NBC Ignores, ABC and CBS Do Bare Minimum

Contempt Lawsuit Against Holder: NBC Ignores, ABC and CBS Do Bare Minimum

Today the Oversight Committee filed a civil contempt lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder. This is a big story, but ABC and CBS did the bare minimum and NBC completely ignored it.

NBC Nightly News

Last year Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company on NRA News, said NBC would rather have Brian Williams talk about puppies for 30 minutes than touch Fast & Furious. That sort of happened tonight! Mr. Williams talked about everything, including a puppy rescue team in Detroit, except the lawsuit against Mr. Holder. There was too much time spent on Helen Gurley Brown. Her passing is important, but NBC could have cut it in half and given Fast & Furious a few seconds.

ABC World News Tonight

Diane Sawyer spent maybe 20-30 seconds on the lawsuit. It was a snippet, not a segment. She even fumbled the introduction.  She called it the “showdown between Republicans and House of Representative and Attorney General Eric Holder.” Ms. Sawyer also spent quite a bit of time on Helen Gurley Brown. That segment could also be cut in half to devote a full minute to the historic lawsuit.

CBS Evening News

Bob Schieffer filled in for Scott Pelley tonight. They devoted only 20-30 seconds, but they can’t be criticized too much because Sharyl Attkisson broke the lawsuit story last night. But Mr. Schieffer did do the absolute bare minimum. CBS did devote quite a bit of time about some massive prawns invading the Gulf of Mexico. 

There are still plenty of people out there who rely on the big three to give them the important news. It’s sad they’re being deprived. Someone needs to remind the big three 53% of Americans approve of the contempt vote and 69% even think President Obama should release the documents.