Brock Manipulates Law To Launch New Anti-Conservative Initiative

Brock Manipulates Law To Launch New Anti-Conservative Initiative

Today, American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal 501(c)4 group run by David Brock, who also heads up Media Matters, announced it would launch a new program to monitor conservative organizations. Just like Media Matters. Because if you have one lying, perversely anti-Semitic and far-left organization, why not clone it?

American Bridge 21st Century will work with the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, which is – you guessed it – run by David Brock. The Bridge Project will try to respond to conservative ads, track donations and target donors for bullying, and file public policy briefings.

Naturally, the Bridge Project won’t release its own donors – that would be superfluous. They’re only interested in demonizing conservative donors, not in increasing transparency across the board. Since the super PAC would have to reveal its donors but the 501(c)4 doesn’t have to, this provides a convenient relationship.

American Bridge 21st Century raises approximately $3 million per year. The super PAC has already raised $8.6 million during this election cycle.

The Brock organizational infrastructure is now a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped into the prefrontal cortex of a pathetic little man. In other words, Brock and Co. have perfected the art of exploiting the legal system to avoid accountability. They use their 501(c)3 to raise cash in tax-exempt manner; they then publicize an associated 501(c)4, which doesn’t have to disclose donors but also can’t endorse candidates; finally, they tack on a super PAC, publicized by both of the other organizations, which backs candidates to the hilt. It’s all a legal fiction. They’re all run by the same guy, and they all have the same purpose. What’s more, they’re all quasi-tools of the Obama White House, which works hand in glove with Brock to promote liberal messages.