Anti-Speech Brigade Targets Another Conservative

Anti-Speech Brigade Targets Another Conservative

Conservative voice Josh Treviño, formerly of RedState and the Texas Policy Center, was recently announced by the Guardian as their newest columnist. His conservative perspective will counter that of fellow new hire, Glenn Greenwald of Salon. Two new hires, one right, one left, a smart move one might call “diversity.” Disgraced Media Matter alum MJ Rosenberg bizarrely calls it Racist™

Apparently, supporting Israel is Racist™ and qualifies one as a “Kluxer.” It is because of this amazing reasoning that Rosenberg wants Treviño dropped from the Guardian.

I don’t think “white supremacist” means what Rosenberg thinks it means. 

Progressives don’t believe that minorities truly have choices. It’s an ideology which perpetuates stereotype basted strictly on identity politics: if you’re a woman, black, gay, etc. you’re not allowed to be anything other than leftwing, else you’re met with the hate exemplified in Rosenbergs posts. No, it doesn’t “get better,” kids. The party of pro-choice is really no-choice.

Between us, I suspect the real reason Rosenberg has launched his “kill rightie” campaign is because even the SEAL-bashers at Media Matters recognized Rosenberg as a liability and cut the cord. Did anyone ever pay any attention to Rosenberg outside of Media Matters? Did/does anyone care? Hurt egos aren’t Racist™, but hyperbolically classifying as racist differing ideas of foreign policy concerning Israel is a jerk move.