AP, NBC Hurl McCarthyism To Protect Obama From Romney's Welfare Criticism

AP, NBC Hurl McCarthyism To Protect Obama From Romney's Welfare Criticism

There’s no question the Ryan pick and the ensuing ten days that saw presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney on offense has a lot to do with his positive trending in a number of national and swing state polls. But even before all that, Team Romney launched an effective offensive against Barack Obama’s gutting of the bipartisan and landmark welfare reform bill of 1996.

Using the facts and some very well-produced ads, as the corrupt media obsessed over any distraction they could come up with to protect Obama from talk of his failures, Team Romney made sure the news of Obama’s unilateral and unConstitutional work-requirement waiver made its way to voters.

Because Romney’s attack was true and damaging to Obama, led by the White House, the corrupt media went on a dishonest fact-checking rampage that they hoped would both undermine Romney’s attack and intimidate the campaign into giving up.

But because Mitt Romney isn’t John McCain, and these corrupt media fact-checkers have worked overtime to blow their credibility with the public over the last few years, Team Romney has refused to blink on the issue, and their offensive continues to this day.

So what’s a corrupt media to do when a Republican has the temerity to defy its commands and refuses to buckle to its Narrative Of Lies?

Well, what the media always does, cry… 


Which is nothing more than good old-fashioned McCarthyism.

Here’s the AP’s desperate and biased headline:

Romney Pushes On With Discredited Welfare Attacks

And here’s the AP’s McCarthyism: [emphasis added]

Romney’s welfare push comes with risk for the presumptive GOP nominee. Focusing too heavily on welfare, which had barely registered as a campaign issue before Romney began pushing it, could turn off voters who want to hear the candidates offer specific prescriptions for job growth.

It could open Romney up to criticism that he is injecting race into the campaign and seeking to boost support among white, working-class voters by charging that the nation’s first black president is offering a free pass to recipients of a program stereotypically associated with poor African-Americans.

And Romney runs the risk of denting his credibility with voters by peddling an argument that has been widely debunked.

Other media outlets will most certain run wholeheartedly with this. NBC, naturally, already has.

McCarthyism is nothing more than taking a perfectly reasonable and acceptable political position, and with ZERO evidence, ascribing the worst motivations possible to it. McCarthy himself was accused of turning liberalism into communism. The media still isn’t over that. And yet, this same media practices the exact same McCarthyism every time they hint at or imply racist motives behind reasonable criticism of Barack Obama..

But as we’ve seen, the media isn’t at all opposed to McCarthyism; not when it will help protect Their Precious One from valid political attacks and divisively gin up the black vote Obama will need if he’s to enjoy a second term.  

P.S. I know Sen. McCarthy has his defenders. I’m simply throwing the term McCarthyism right back in the hypocritical media’s face.


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