The Media, Gas Prices, and the 2012 Election

The Media, Gas Prices, and the 2012 Election

Quick question here, what was the price of a gallon of gas the day Barack Obama took office? 

I ask this question because the media is talking a lot about gas prices right now, but they are leaving out the answer to the question above. It’s not hard to find, you can Google it and the answer pops right up. 

In July I wrote about this issue after ABC’s Good Morning America’s Paula Faris talked about the gas price and gleefully predicted its decline just it time to get Obama reelected. “The best news it might drop another 50 cents by Halloween, just before the election.”  

ABC News tied the gas price into the upcoming election, but failed to mention the price of gas when Obama took office. Context and perspective is a horrible thing to waste. 

In fact, if you look at the stories on the price of gas right now, the Activist Old Media will compare the price a month ago, a few months ago, and sometimes even a year ago, but they will not mention the price of gas when Barack Obama took office. That just might be important when talking about the election and the role that gas prices might have on it. 

You could argue about the effect a president has on the gas prices, and usually the answer follows political motivation, but there is no question the two candidates have different plans to try to correct this problem. Mitt Romney says he wants, “North American energy independence by 2020,” and he wants America to take full advantage of its vast resources. Romney wants to drill. The Keystone Pipeline tells you everything you need to know about this current president’s energy plan. 

By the way, the average price of gas on Tuesday October 20, 2009 when Barack Obama was inaugurated. $1.81 per gallon. 

As of right now, the price of gas has doubled under Barack Obama. Now you know why the Activist Old Media avoids this number.

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