AP, Chuck Todd Float 'Katrina' Narrative, Media-Collective Runs With It

AP, Chuck Todd Float 'Katrina' Narrative, Media-Collective Runs With It

One news outlet I normally don’t concern myself with is MSNBC. It’s openly leftist, and the least of America’s concerns is a media that declares its biases up front. But MSNBC is used by the corrupt mainstream media in two important ways:

1. MSNBC distracts legitimate media watchdogs from keeping an eye on the mainstream media. As we breathlessly cover Christ Matthews latest meltdown in front of 421,000 people, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer are getting away with all kinds of bias in front of 10 million.

2. MSNBC is where narrative trial balloons are floated. The fever swamp that is MSNBC can get away with screaming  lot of crazy stuff because their brand is hurling poop. The rest of the media, though, in order to hold on to whatever is left of their shield of credibility, is more careful about poop hurling.  But what they do do (pardon the pun) is run with whatever MSNBC is able to make stick. Case in point…

Last night, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and his goatee hurled this poop on the NBC Nightly News:

And when you think, as [Hurricane Isaac] moves to and closer to Louisiana, the specter, the sort of shadow of Bush and Katrina does hang over this convention. It is something organizers are concerned about.

This is what Chuck Todd does. This is his specialty. His primary goal is to either amplify narratives damaging to Republicans or to manufacture them. And other than his truly awful concern-trolling act, Todd is something of a genius at it. So what better way to aid and abet a failed president than to bring back the specter of Katrina?

Todd used last night’s opportunity to send a Red Alert out to the rest of the media that said:

Hey, let’s use Isaac as an excuse to remind voters about Katrina. This will help to damage the Republican brand overall and in a close race…

It’s not even code. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was manufacturing anti-Romney talking points for Obama and his Media Palace Guards.

The results since have been impressive. Either inspired by Todd or working in coordination with him, the AP, Washington Post, Miami Herald, and Boston Globe have all picked up on and run with this exact same narrative.

This is how the Media-Collective works; how it’s fed and grows.

Pure conformist corruption. Nothing more, nothing less.


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