Media Watch: Politico Cover Up of Libya, Fast & Furious Scandals Marches On

If you look at the corrupt Politico’s front page right now, it’s almost laughable how out-of-touch it is with everything except the reality the Obama campaign would like to create.

Even by Politico standards, the top story is weak and silly — but not without irony. The headline is about the “parallel universe” those of us live in who don’t swallow polls that show Obama beating his perfect storm turnout advantage from 2008. Of course, Politico takes this argument to an extreme and attacks the manufactured extreme.

You see, we’re all loons who think Romney’s leading in ALL THE POLLS and not reasonable people asking why a Florida poll the media pushed all last week shows Obama with a nine-point turn-out advantage when his advantage in 2008 was only three-points.

But it’s really the corrupt Politico living in the parallel universe; a universe where Libya isn’t in the news and Univision didn’t broadcast a damning indictment of the Fast and Furious scandal last night. There doesn’t appear to be anything at all about the Middle East, including Afghanistan.

In fact, the corrupt Politico’s entire front page could pass for Media Matters’ front page because it wants us to believe that Libya is only a problem for an incompetent Romney campaign incapable of agreeing on how to discuss the scandal.

Politico’s front page could also pass for the DNC’s front page pushing only the idea that Romney is losing and that the race is over.


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