Media Watch: BREAKING: Obama To Win 14 Point Turnout Advantage In NC

Obviously, my headline is not the headline the corrupt media will write, because no one would believe it.

Instead, the corrupt media writes this headline: Obama and Romney Tied In NC.

But what the corrupt media won’t tell you — the same corrupt media that never questions any good Obama news — is that in order to achieve that headline, you have to believe Obama will enjoy a 14 point turnout advantage in North Carolina:

Both Mitt Romney and President Obama are polling at 48 percent in North Carolina in a new Public Policy Polling poll. Partisan breakdown is 48 percent Democrat, 34 percent Republican, and 19 percent independent.

That huge 14-point Democratic advantage is surprising: In 2008, Democrats had an 11-point advantage over Republicans in North Carolina, while in 2004, Republicans had a 1-point advantage over Democrats.

And according to the Turnout Truthers in the mainstream media, we’re the crazy ones for questioning  improbable skews that always-always-always give only Barack Obama good news.


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