Media Watch: Politifact Ohio's Dishonesty Exposed

Unfortunately, there’s not only a PolitiFact, there are also branches of separate PolitiFacts that do their dirty work for Democrats in a number of swing states. This means that this toxic and corrupt organization can frequently be found on the front pages of local newspapers. 

Media Trackers of Ohio just released a study of PolititFact Ohio and to no one’s surprise found the outfit to be every bit as corrupt and dishonest as you might expect:

Media Trackers analysis of all rulings from PolitiFact Ohio, the “fact checking” arm of Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, proves that Democrats fare better than Republicans in five of six “Truth-o-Meter” categories. PolitiFact Ohio rulings on statements from Democrat U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican challenger Josh Mandel show the most glaring bias – especially when written by leftist PolitiFact Ohio contributor Tom Feran.

At publication, Brown and Mandel have each received 22 PolitiFact Ohio rulings. More than a third of the rulings for Brown and more than a quarter of the rulings for Mandel were written by Tom Feran, an Obama supporter who has disparaged conservatives as “wingnuts” and “yahoos.”

You can read the full report here.


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