Media Watch: WaPo Swing State Poll Is Utter Garbage

All day long the media has used a juiced Washington Post swing-state poll showing Romney down 52 – 41 as a bludgeon to further an unrelenting narrative that the race is over and Romney supporters are nothing more than fools wasting their time if they come out to vote. 

This, even though the poll made no sense when you looked at the same poll showing Obama only up by two nationally, 49 – 47.

But when it comes to The Narrative, though, corrupt media types like the Washington Post and Chuck Todd and their ilk, never once pause to wonder if something might be off about a poll like this — even though it’s obvious. 

But scrutiny and curiosity are not part of the media’s job anymore. Today it’s all about The Narrative and if The Narrative says Romney’s losing, you must be a slave to The Narrative and never question that which contradict The Narrative — even a poll as ludicrous and nonsensical as this one.

Thanks to some actual journalism, we have now learned that this ridiculous swing state poll reported as gospel all day is in fact total and complete garbage:

As I learned from Post pollster Jon Cohen, that finding is based on the responses of a total of 160 people, and it has a margin of error of 8 percentage points. So yes, there may be a difference between swing-state and national numbers, but the gap might be very small or it might be big.

But it’s too late, isn’t it? The damage has already been done. The message to start the week has already gone out.

Rather than focus on a number of national polls that show the race tightening, the corrupt media instead ran with this one to push the Romney-losing narrative.

The most revealing thing is that everyone knew this poll was junk; including the Chuck Todds of the world. But that doesn’t matter — what they know and what makes logical sense, doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the poll fit The Narrative and could be weaponized against Romney.


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