Debate Preview: Moderator Jim Lehrer Far from Moderate

Debate Preview: Moderator Jim Lehrer Far from Moderate

PBS anchor Jim Lehrer is a progressive who, as the dean of Presidential Debate moderators, shows open disdain for Republicans and speaks glowingly of Democrats.  

Amidst all the pre-spin build up to the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Lehrer is being overlooked as a key player in tonight’s made-for-TV reality show. Make no mistake, the PBS journalist will be just as important to the proceedings as the height of the podiums and the color of the neckties.  

Despite the laughable expectations game put forth by the mainstream media that has somehow positioned Mitt Romney as the finest debater since Socrates and Barack Obama as a fledgling dolt barely capable of putting two sentences together, the fact is Obama has an enormous built-in advantage tonight. And that advantage will be sitting at a desk looking up at him the entire ninety minutes.  

Lehrer told the New York Times he was “outraged” over criticism of his choice to moderate the first debate. The paper of record described him as “seething” over the suggestion that perhaps America could have been served better by a different choice this time around.  

“I’m susceptible to the same smears as anyone else,” he told the paper of record. Yes Jim, you are. But to many Americans, those you might not always come in contact with during your commute to the PBS studios, focusing on your history of slanted and offensive questions during the presidential debates does not constitute a “smear.” It is better described as critical observation used to hold a journalist accountable — especially a journalist entrusted with such an important job as facilitating a forum of ideas between the two people vying to become the leader of the free world.  

So to that end, we present the Breitbart News analysis of Jim Lehrer’s greatest hits. We call it: “30 Years of Presidential Debates Liberal Bias.” The clips we’ve found are not just confined to Lehrer’s performance during the debates. You see, Mr. Lehrer has enjoyed the opportunity to speak before many college groups about his experiences as presidential moderator. We’re sure the reader won’t be shocked to discover that he has plenty of ridicule to dole out to the Republican candidates he encountered and tons of praise for the Democrats.  

Please enjoy it and keep this in mind as you watch tonight’s debate. The moderator is far from moderate. He’s a progressive. And that’s why he got the gig.  

Breitbart News Network’s Pam Key produced the video montage included in this report.