Media Watch: Quinnipiac Poll Cooks Ridiculous Gender Gap

As my colleague Mike Flynn points out in his piece about the Washington Post’s cooked poll from yesterday….

In recent weeks, the media have reported on the “debate” about skewed polling. But, there really is no debate. They are, in fact, inflating likely Democrat turnout. And when that isn’t enough to support Obama, they reach down for meaningless statistics within their poll to boost him. This is fraud.

Basically, what’s happening here is that recently-released juiced polls with wild skews in favor of Democrat turnout still show the race closing. But since The Narrative to disqualify Mitt Romney must remain: Romney can do nothing right and Obama can do nothing wrong — a Romney comeback narrative is absolutely out of the question. Therefore, the media needs something to distract attention from these inconvenient polls.

So, yesterday, the Washington Post cooked up a phony swing state poll so the media could talk about how Romney’s losing by double digits in the swing states instead of how he’s closing the race nationally. 

Today, it’s Quinnipiac’s turn to give the media a narrative to push that distracts from the race closing, and that’s with yet another — as Flynn points out — “meaningless statistics within their poll to boost” Obama — this time the gender gap:

An 18 point lead among women puts President Barack Obama ahead of Gov. Mitt Romney 49 – 45 percent among likely voters nationwide, and voters expect 54 – 28 percent that the president will win the debates, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

Eighteen points! Obama has an eighteen point lead with women!

Naturally, even though that number’s a wild outlier, the media has run with it all morning as though it’s gospel. Keep in mind that these are supposed to be curious, skeptical journalists who question everything. But instead of questioning or even pausing in the face of counter-intuitive poll numbers, these lapdogs instead love being spoon-fed anything damaging to Romney, no matter how ridiculous.

And how ridiculous is this 18-point figure?

Of the four polls released over the last couple of says, Romney’s gap with women voters has only ranged from 9 to 13 points. At the same time, Romney’s offsetting that with his lead among men, which ranges anywhere from 3 to 7.

But the corrupt media isn’t interested in being skeptical or offering context or asking questions. All that matters is that Obama can do nothing wrong (even cover up a terrorist attack) and Romney can do nothing right.


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