Politico Lead: Libya Cover-Up Middle Class Tax Hikes Debate Tomorrow Joe Biden: Sex Symbol?

Politico Lead: Libya Cover-Up Middle Class Tax Hikes Debate Tomorrow Joe Biden: Sex Symbol?

Months ago, my Breitbart News colleagues and I talked frequently about how awful the media would get during this campaign. We all agreed the media would be as biased and corrupt as was humanly possible. What we didn’t know was how that might manifest itself into what we would actually see and hear.

We all knew the media would protect Obama at all costs by distracting from the economy and attacking Romney over his wealth. That stuff wasn’t hard to predict. It was the Obama game-plan, which meant it would be the media’s as well. But the fun part of the discussion was in imagining the possibilities.  How low would they go? How desperate would they act? How shameless? How brazen? How stupid?

We batted around every possible idea including the absurd, safe in the knowledge that when you’re talking about the most corrupt institution allowed to operate legally in America, absurdities really aren’t. But never in a million years would any of us have expected Politico to do what it did today.

The Middle East is burning; the White House is engaged in a cover up; the FBI cannot gain access to the scene of an ambassador’s assassination at the hands of al-Qaeda; we learned today that security in Benghazi was not only lax but that requests for increased security were ignored; our GDP was just downgraded to 1.3%; orders for durable goods collapsed 12%; and poverty is on the march.

But what’s the corrupt Politico’s Big Lead Story today?




Something all of my Breitbart colleagues did agree on was that, before the election was over, every mainstream media outlet would eventually become a spoof of itself — a living spoof of how a conservative would imagine its outrageous bias.

We still have five weeks to go and plenty of laughs to be had at the expense of these shameless shills. But this is certainly a corrupt Politico moment worth freezing in time to laugh at some more.   

Oh, and brilliant timing, Politico — your sex symbol really stepped in it to day. Not that another epic Biden gaffe will ever replace how hot he is in your list of journalistic priorities.


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