America, Finally Seeing the Real Mitt Romney

America, Finally Seeing the Real Mitt Romney

The media is trying to figure out how this happened.

How could Mitt Romney be blasting his way to the top of the polls after just one debate?

Would you like a very simple answer? Here it is: The media tried to tell America that Romney was one thing, while the debate showed them he was another. The difference between the two are seen in the poll numbers. It really is that simple.

For the last year or so the media created a template that reflected their opinion, not reality. Mitt Romney was a gaffe machine who didn’t care about people and wasn’t intelligent enough to reside within the blinding light of their Dear Leader.

The media has spent this time being dishonest to Americans about Mitt Romney.

I know Mitt Romney and have spent plenty of one-on-one time with him. As a sports reporter I covered the 2002 Olympics and saw first hand his ability to fix things. I had many friends who worked with him and they all came back with the same story. They were amazed at his ability to lead and succeed.

During my times with Romney I have seen him as very personable, approachable, and caring. Yes, caring. Everything the media has told us he is not.

I arrived late to a meeting a couple years ago with a handful of people in the room (yes, I arrived late for a meeting with Romney,) not to worry, with no chairs in the room, Romney quickly stood up and offered me his. A little thing—a personal thing—but it told me a lot about the man.

Yes, Obama was horrible during the Disaster in Denver. He acted like he would’ve rather been hitting a buried ball out of the sand at the 9th hole at Congressional Country Club (hey Barry, nice recovery!) than actually having to answer Romney’s questions about the economy (hey Barry, nice recovery!) But that’s just part of the issue here, the bigger issue is that the media told us Romney was something that he is not. The polls reflect the disconnect between what the media told us, and what the people have seen.

12 point swing in the Pew Poll doesn’t happen by accident, it only happens when the media lie to the American people about what a candidate is and they figure out the truth on their own. The debate was Romney unfiltered. Nothing about his performance surprised me, but that night, America finally saw Romney for who he is.

There is still time for the media to turn this election around. Over the next four weeks they will try every trick in the book. The media have too much invested to back up now. Like the cheap, transparent, Vegas magician, you can see the cards up their sleeve and they will pull them out and play them at every turn. It is what it is, except more people are now on to their sleight of hand.

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