CNN's Soledad O'Brien Raves for Biden/Raddatz Tag Teaming Ryan

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Raves for Biden/Raddatz Tag Teaming Ryan

Whereas most people in the middle and the right saw Biden as a snorting, chortling, constantly interrupting blowhard and “moderator” Martha Raddatz as Biden’s willing assistant during Thursday’s vice presidential debate, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Dana Bash saw “perfect pitch” and a “terrific” performance by the left-wing tag team.

On Friday morning’s Starting Point, CNN’s O’Brien and correspondent Dana Bash were all atwitter over Biden and Raddatz’ work at the debate.

Right out of the gate, O’Brien gushed about Raddatz, saying, “I thought she was terrific.”

Bash agreed saying, “Absolutely. If there was a winner because it was a draw between the two candidates, Martha Raddatz. She was commanding. She followed up when she need to. She pressed them on specifics.”

Raddatz’ performance was “perfect pitch,” Bash added.

Bash went on to give excuses to deflate criticisms of Biden’s churlish debate performance.

There’s so few undecideds at this point that that is a big reason, we’re told, why Joe Biden did what he did, because the Democratic base was really deflated, demoralized, after the President didn’t deliver from their perspective. That’s why he was frankly in many ways over the top. In some ways that’s who he is, but it’s why he did what he did. If you talk about what happened in the spin room afterwards, that was the big debate — was he disrespectful for Joe being Joe?

So, Biden’s constant interruptions as Paul Ryan attempted to answer the questions put to him — it was counted, he did so 85 times — and Raddatz’ badgering of Ryan along with her own campaign of interrupting the GOP vice presidential nominee — her count was 31 interruptions — was a cause for celebration for O’Brien and Bash.

Not only did O’Brien and Bash gush over how wonderful the tag team of Biden/Raddatz were, they even dismissed Smirking Joe’s childish behavior as just “Joe being Joe,” as if that somehow excuses it all.

But even as Bash and O’Brien tried to act as if Biden was trying to “appeal to the middle,” one thing seems sure. Biden’s circus-like performance didn’t help team Obama with undecideds and moderates.

The CNN pair also dismissed the several lies that Joe Biden told during that debate. For one, Biden lied when he said that no one in the U.S. embassy in Libya requested increased security measures. They most certainly did. But the Obama administration denied their requests for more security. Biden also lied when he said he never voted for any of our recent wars. He absolutely did. But none of that mattered to the star stuck pair from CNN.

Still, I suppose disgorging outright falsehoods could easily be considered just “Joe being Joe.” Those weren’t the only two lies he laid on the American public that night. In fact, he has a long history of such dissembling.

Now, it is absolutely true that left-wingers loved Joe’s un-presidential performance. It seems that Biden’s entire purpose at that debate was not to appeal to level-headed voters interested in hearing serious answers. His job was to shore up the far left base that is starting to abandon Obama. This is why O’Brien and Bash loved Joe’s cretinous behavior, of course.

One would rightly understand that if Obama is still trying to solidify his base only weeks before the election, that is a bad sign for the President’s reelection effort.

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