The Cleveland Plain Dealer Encourages Voter Fraud

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Encourages Voter Fraud

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, otherwise known as the Obama Rag, is now tacitly encouraging voters to commit voter fraud. How?

In various neighborhoods around Cleveland, Cincinnati and Milwaukee, there are billboards reading, “Voter Fraud is a Felony! Up to 3 ½ years and a $10,000 fine.”

This, of course, is true. But the Obama Rag is distraught that the billboards may discourage ineligible voters (most, if not all would be Obama voters, since the billboards are largely in black neighborhoods) from casting their illegal votes. The editorial page of the Rag reads:

The appearance, mostly in Cleveland’s predominantly black neighborhoods, of billboards warning against voter fraud is constitutionally protected speech.

You mean it’s legal? Oh.

It is also insulting, demeaning, belittling speech — coming from people who choose to remain anonymous — and a despicable election tactic.

The billboards, posted here and in Cincinnati and Milwaukee by what has been identified only as a private family foundation, insinuate that the neighborhoods in which they are found are hotbeds of voter fraud, which, of course, they are not.

The Rag is now deciding exactly what the billboards are insinuating. Of course, the Rag is impartial in these matters.

The real point of these humiliating billboards is to intimidate voters in poor neighborhoods and to sow confusion.

Actually, that’s completely false. The billboards state the truth, which usually erases confusion. But the Rag is on a mission.

Critics want billboard owner Clear Channel Outdoor to remove the message. But Clear Channel has the right to sell its space as it sees fit, and it’s subject to a contract. The contract includes an anonymity clause for the buyer — a provision the company says it won’t allow any longer. Good.

Oh, so now the right to constitutional free speech is restricted?

Residents of the neighborhoods where the fraud warning looms should be energized. A strong turnout at the polls would be the sweetest revenge — and the loudest rejection of such ugly tactics.

The sweetest revenge for the Left is to persuade voters to commit voter fraud, cheat, and buck the system. And they accuse the Right of “ugly tactics” by telling people the truth?