'WaPo' Smacks Obama For Not Answering Libya Question

'WaPo' Smacks Obama For Not Answering Libya Question

ADDED: Via Twitter, Tom Vaughn catches something I missed. Wemple also reported this: [emphasis added]

President Obama, though, wasn’t done with Kerry Ladka. “After the debate, the president came over to me and spent about two minutes with me privately,” says the 61-year-old Ladka, who works at Global Telecom Supply in Mineola, N.Y. According to Ladka, Obama gave him “more information about why he delayed calling the attack a terorist attack.”

So AFTER the debate, off-camera, Obama actually answered the question and tried to explain why for almost two weeks his Administration lied about what was behind the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. On-camera it was all canned nonsense and rhetoric.

Why didn’t Obama tell the American people what he told Mr. Ladka?

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Snap polls might have shown Obama winning a narrow victory against Mitt Romney last night, but as of right now it’s looking like a pyrrhic one. As the president and his media minions obsess over the shockingly stupid “binders” meme, there’s a counter-narrative brewing that’s going to catch up with the president with respect to Libya and his utter lack of any kind of second-term agenda.

The media can only talk about “binders” and whatever other shallow talking points the Obama campaign fed them for so long. Eventually, Obama’s lies about Libya and the fact that Romney overwhelmingly won every polling internal on the economy will bubble up.

Even on MSNBC, there’s already chatter about Obama’s lack of a second term agenda, which is an issue Romney is also hitting hard today on the campaign trail. And today, in the Washington Post, we have an example of real journalism from Erik Wemple:

Presidential debate: Libya questioner says Obama didn’t answer

Was Ladka satisfied with how the president responded? Simply no. “I really didn’t think he totally answered the question satisfactorily as far as I was concerned,” Ladka tells the Erik Wemple Blog.

Jeez, what about the president’s response could possibly have disappointed Ladka? Was it the fact that he started out with a canned talking point, inserted, perhaps, in the hope that the audience will forget the question?

We have twenty long days to go, and everything that remains to be litigated from last night’s debate is all bad news for President FailureTeleprompter.



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