Tampa Tribune Endorses Romney

Tampa Tribune Endorses Romney

On Sunday the Tampa Tribune, one of Florida’s most influential daily newspapers, endorsed Mitt Romney for President in 2012:

Mitt Romney is the man who can lead the nation out of its lingering economic doldrums and restore faith in the United States.

A successful executive in the public and private sector, Romney is a committed capitalist who understands that the nation’s prosperity is driven by free enterprise, not government.

Under President Barack Obama’s liberal and inconsistent leadership, the country has limped along, barely a step ahead of another recession.

The deficit soared, government expanded and the prospects of more regulations and taxes chilled corporate investment…

Romney’s record as a determined, detail-oriented leader who demands results strongly suggests he would find a workable middle ground in such conflicts…

Seasoned executive Romney would come to office ready to put the country on the course to more freedom and prosperity.

The Tampa Tribune, with confidence and enthusiasm, endorses Mitt Romney for president.

The Tribune joins another major Florida newspaper, the “progressive” Orlando Sentinel, which also endorsed Romney last week. Look for more major newspapers in this key swing state to endorse Mitt Romney over the next several days.