Real Media Would Take Trump Challenge Seriously

Real Media Would Take Trump Challenge Seriously

The palace guard media were on tenterhooks Wednesday, waiting for a promised “bombshell” announcement about Barack Obama from Donald Trump. Shortly after noon, Trump released a video message, promising to donate $5 million to charity if Obama released his college transcripts and passport application. The media immediately laughed off the challenge. Politico, an arm of Obama’s press operation, posted at least nine stories attempting to mock the challenge. Why?

Why the need to reiterate that Trump’s challenge is patently absurd? Why does the grande-dame of the liberal press, Barbara Walters, feel the need to tell viewers of The View that Trump is making a “fool” out of himself with the challenge? There’s no real need to repeatedly tell the public, as the entire Left Media Complex insisted on doing, if the challenge is on its face absurd. So why the need to keep harping on it? The absurdity should speak for itself. 

Well, here’s a hint. Last night, when Trump discussed the challenge and the need for greater transparency on David Letterman, he got resounding applause from the audience. Keep in mind, the audience for Letterman leans left. But, Americans of all political stripes expect transparency from their elected officials. 

Let’s be frank. We don’t know a lot about Obama that hasn’t been offered up from the Obama campaign or its allies in the media. I remember he wasn’t anything like an active legislator in the Illinois State senate. He floated through the chamber as a back-bencher, never engaging in heavy lifting on any substantive piece of legislation. 

A strange perk of being an Illinois lawmaker is that you get to award, at your personal discretion, a number of full-tuition scholarships to the state’s University system. I would like to know who received these from him. 

I actually have a long list of questions I’d like to ask. The media is usually very curious about the background and past history of people running to be President. But, Obama is kryptonite to the media’s inherent curiosity. I can’t think of any President we’ve known so little about. The press is eager to troll through Romney’s past, dredging up incidents from high school, but judges any question about Obama’s past as automatically absurd and out-of-bounds. Why?

In his first campaign for the Presidency, Obama’s “stellar” academic career was one of his chief qualifications for the office. In fact, beyond his alleged academic brilliance, he had almost no qualifications for the office. Almost no real world experience outside of activism or politics. No executive experience at all. Yet his sense of self-esteem was so high that he felt the need to write a memoir of his life after college. That’s a hell of a lot of self-esteem. 

So, why can’t we see his college transcripts? Why does it take a $5 million offer from Trump to even have the chance to take a glance at them? And why wouldn’t Obama immediately take Trump up on his offer. If I were him, I’d find five worthwhile charities in OH and direct $1 million donation to each. It would be so easy, right?

The media demands absolute transparency from any Republican running for office. Similar requests of a Democrat, though, are absurd and out-of-bounds. 

Exit question for the comments: What is in the college transcripts that a $5 million donation to charity can’t open?Trump is onto something here. And, if there were any real reporters out there, we might learn something.

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