L.A. Times Nominates Worst 2012 Political Ads

L.A. Times Nominates Worst 2012 Political Ads

For his L.A. Times column for Halloween day, Doyle McManus rates the best and worst political ads of this presidential campaign cycle. Even as he presented some interesting entries, McManus completely ignored the hateful Obama ad that claimed Mitt Romney killed a steelworker’s wife. What other ad was as filled with lies as that one, and how could McManus have missed it?

McManus wrote, “But effective or not, the ads are still interesting — for what they tell you about the campaigns’ strategies as much as what they say about the candidates.”

The columnist went on to talk about the best positive ads of both campaigns, their most effective negative ads, and “the most artful ad.” Yet when it came to “the most deceptive” ads, McManus short shifted the category.

Worse, the “most deceptive” ad McManus mentioned came from team Obama, which was an ad that lied about what Mitt Romney said about the number of troops he wanted to keep in Iraq. Troops? What about the disgusting Joe Soptic ad where Obama’s surrogates claimed that Mitt Romney killed a steelworker’s wife? Isn’t that worse than a lie about Romney’s troop recommendations?

How could Doyle McManus not choose the Soptic ad as the worst ad, not only of this campaign, but one of the worst ads in modern presidential campaign history?