Chicago Sun Times: 'Diversity' for Obama, Racists for Romney

Chicago Sun Times: 'Diversity' for Obama, Racists for Romney

Lynn Sweet, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, is once again banging that liberal drumbeat that Romney’s voters are all racist white folks because crowds at Obama’s rallies are more “diverse.”

Talking of Monday’s Obama rallies with aging rocker Bruce Springsteen, Columnist Sweet waxed poetic over the racial make up of the crowds in Wisconsin.

Obama has the cool folks like “the Boss” and Jay-Z, and as far as Sweet is concerned the crowds are even cooler saying (my bold), Obama’s crowds are “with demographic diversity like you never see at a Romney event: black, white, old, young.”

But one thing that is missing from Sweet’s gift to Obama: the numbers.

While Sweet was indulging her inner Obama campaign worker, she failed to note that Obama’s Wisconsin campaign rally with “The Boss” didn’t bring in nearly as many rally-goers as Romney’s Pennsylvania rally that same day. At 18,000 supporters for Obama and 30,000 for Romney, Mitt almost doubled Obama’s participants in Pennsylvania, a state he isn’t supposed to win.

That is bad enough, of course, but it gets even worse for Obama, not that Lynn Sweet reported any of this to her readers.

Obama’s Madison, Wisconsin event with singer Springsteen was not only immensely smaller than his own 2008 rally, but it was even smaller than John Kerry’s rally in 2004!

In 2008, Obama drew an estimated 50,000 to an Ohio rally that featured Springsteen, but this year only 18,000 in Wisconsin. And in 2004, John Kerry brought out 80,000 supporters to a rally in Wisconsin that also featured the rock and roller last popular in the 1980s.

This really does show that the Democrats have an enthusiasm gap.

Go vote.