Washington Post Softens Criminal Actions of Corzine in MF Global Fraud

Washington Post Softens Criminal Actions of Corzine in MF Global Fraud

In its November 15 print version, The Washington Post published a story about the criminal financial malfeasance of former Democrat Governor and MF Global Chief John Corzine. The Post seemed reluctant to identify Corzine as a Democrat, and buried the story deep in the paper.

Corzine was the subject of a report this week issued by the House Financial Services’s oversight subcommittee that raised deep concerns about the magical disappearance of $1.6 billion in investor’s money. The report stopped short of calling Corzine’s actions outright felonies (the committee is leaving that determination to prosecutors.)

If Corzine were a Republican, The Washington Post would have made sure that the story of the release of this report would have been front-page news? But, this story was buried back on page A18.

Not long ago, John Corzine was one of the Democrat’s leading up-and-coming lights. He was a successful Governor of New Jersey and it was even said that he might be a possible Democrat nominee for the White House himself. But then came revelations that when Corzine was head of MF Global, the company mysteriously lost 1.6 billion dollars due to his criminal financial malfeasance.

But despite his prominence in the Democrat Party, it took the Post six paragraphs to get around to even mentioning that Corzine was a Democrat.