NPR Amused at Closing of Hostess Brands

NPR Amused at Closing of Hostess Brands

The news that Hostess Brands is on the verge of shutting down is a major story across the country this week but NPR found humor in the fact that up to 18,000 employees could be losing their jobs.

What was so funny? On its radio show, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, NPR decided to look down its nose upon the products Hostess makes and, in turn, its customer base.

During its November 17 broadcast, host Peter Sagal introduced a segment on the Hostess story listing the company’s products at the end of which he added “Fudge Puppies, Fat Crammers, and Lard Bursts.”

That wasn’t all the guffawing the hosts indulged. Mo Rocca wondered if Hostess were liquidated it might be “neon-colored,” and Faith Salie introduced Chris Christie to the mix to which Peter Sagal went on to impersonate the New Jersey Governor.

“Dammit!” [he said impersonating Christie.] He was operating the machinery himself. The union, this is true, the union is the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers union, also known as the Everything We Do Is Bad For You union. [Laughter] They make Twinkies, candy, and cigarettes. It’s like the League of Super villains, Local 619. [Laughter]

On Twitter, Doug Kirk had it exactly right: “NPR Snobs Laugh At Shutdown Of Hostess” I guess thousands more unemployed Americans is funny?”