Hartford Courant: One-Party Rule 'Unhealthy,' Only Endorsed Democrats

Hartford Courant: One-Party Rule 'Unhealthy,' Only Endorsed Democrats

The former Republican Secretary of State of Connecticut has criticized The Hartford Courant for what she calls “the height of hypocrisy.” 

Pauline R. Kezer wrote a letter to the editor in which she slams the news outlet for a recent editorial that depicts one-party rule as “unhealthy.” Ironically, the editorial board’s article came after only endorsing Democrat candidates in the general election.

A Courant editorial today laments the fact that there are now no Republican members of Congress from New England, and goes on to say that we had some good Republican candidates who ran.

Are not the writers of this editorial the same people who did not endorse any Republicans this year? I was shocked that The Courant didn’t endorse at least one Republican, in particular Andrew Roraback [candidate for Congress]. To now say it is “unhealthy” to have only one party represented is the height of hypocrisy.

In the article that drew Kezer’s ire, the editorial board looked ahead to the 2014 elections and wrote:

We hope the ballot is filled with competitive races and can’t-lose-either-way choices. Competition in politics and government is as good for the consumer as is competition in business. Competition generates ideas and leads to useful compromise. One-party rule inevitably grows stale, comfortable and unimaginative.

The board observes that there are no Republican members of the House of Representatives from the six New England states, and says, emphatically, “that’s unhealthy.”

The editorial goes on to say that Republicans can gain ground if they just nominate candidates “like Andrew Roraback, the moderate who ran for the 5th District U.S. House seat and may run again in two years, and Steve Obsitnik, the GOP nominee in the 4th Congressional District.”

The fact is that the GOP did run these candidates and The Courant endorsed their Democrat opponents.

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