Matt Lauer Out at 'Today' Show?

Matt Lauer Out at 'Today' Show?

As we reported in September, long-time morning host Matt Lauer has seemingly worn out his welcome at NBC’s Today show. TV insiders are saying the $21.5 million-a-year Lauer is soon to be fired.

Lauer’s “Q Score,” an industry popularity rating, collapsed after NBC’s mishandling of former Today co-host Ann Curry’s firing. Lauer’s off-camera treatment of the woman was perceived by many to be one of the reasons Curry was dumped only a year after she took on co-host duties of what used to be the most popular morning show.

One Today insider reportedly said, “Matt is finally getting what he deserves!”

His years-long feuds with former co-hosts Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry have taken their toll. Everyone has turned against him and Matt is going to be ousted because he’s being blamed for the show’s collapse.

Curry’s replacement, Savannah Guthrie, debuted to some of Today’s lowest ratings, and Lauer is rumored as a difficult coworker for everyone involved in the show.

The show’s ratings have, indeed, been falling — good news for ABC’s Good Morning America, which has soared into first place and continues its strong showing.

NBC has tried other alterations to Today in the hopes of reversing its ratings slump. Recently, the morning show added former MSNBC commentator Willie Geist to the 9AM hour.