AP Touts 'Non-Partisan' Study Claiming Obamacare Great for States

AP Touts 'Non-Partisan' Study Claiming Obamacare Great for States

The Associated Press is pushing a “study” by purported “nonpartisan” organizations claiming that Obamacare is a “good deal for states.”

The AP notes that this “report” by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation and the Urban Institute says that Obamacare is good for the states because it picks up the largest amount of healthcare costs through its Medicaid expansion.

Expanding Medicaid to cover about 20 million more low-income people will cost over $1 trillion nationally from 2013 to 2022, said the joint report from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Urban Institute. But the analysis found that states will pay just $76 billion of that, a combined share of roughly 7 percent. The feds will pay the other $952 billion.

But what of these two groups? AP calls them both “nonpartisan” organizations, but the truth is both are leftist organizations and both have been pushing Obamacare and Obamacare-like policies for decades.

The Urban Institute has for years called itself “nonpartisan,” but it was created by President Lyndon Johnson to track the success of his Great Society policies. And since 1980, Urban has been advocating that the U.S. head toward a socialized national healthcare policy. In other words, there isn’t anything “nonpartisan” about the Urban Institute. It is a leftist think thank and has been since the beginning.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is no different. Kaiser has been advocating socialist medicine for some time, as well.

So, it isn’t surprising that these two left-leaning, Obamacare-pushing think tanks have put out a “study” that proclaims that Obamacare is a great thing for one and all.

Typically, the AP doesn’t bother to mention any of this, simply reporting the results of the “study” as if it were some unbiased exploration of how wonderful Obamacare will be for the states.

It’s great because “the feds” will pick up all the costs. See? It’s a perfect solution.

Of course, the failure of this line of reasoning is that “the feds” isn’t some disembodied Santa Claus that we can all turn to for free healthcare. “The feds” is we the people. Taxpayers are paying “the other $952 billion.” And we don’t have the money.

Another inescapable reality is that small business will be devastated, jobs will be lost, tax receipts will fall, medical costs will rise uncontrollably, and none of this will be good for the states or the people. These facts are why the Republican governors mentioned in the AP piece are resisting Obamacare in the first place.

This so-called “nonpartisan report” is built on a fantasy. Not that the AP informs its readers of any of this.