NY Times Attacks State Level Crony Capitalism

NY Times Attacks State Level Crony Capitalism

Suddenly, the Left is claiming that crony capitalism is a bad thing. The Toilet Paper Roll of the Left (The New York Times; no matter how it’s perfumed it still stinks) published an interminably long piece decrying crony capitalism.

This comes after years and years of Democrats and Barack Obama loving crony capitalism.

Remember how they supported Solyndra and Exelon Corporation? Costco?

Big pharmaceutical companies?

But now, in a populist move to show how they truly love taxpayers, not those big nasty corporations, the New York Times makes weepy statements like these:

In the end, the money that towns across America gave General Motors did not matter … their overtures were to no avail. G.M. walked away and, thanks to a federal bailout, is once again profitable. The towns have not been so fortunate, having spent scarce funds in exchange for thousands of jobs that no longer exist …

A portrait arises of mayors and governors who are desperate to create jobs, outmatched by multinational corporations and short on tools to fact-check what companies tell them. Many of the officials said they feared that companies would move jobs overseas if they did not get subsidies in the United States. Over the years, corporations have increasingly exploited that fear, creating a high-stakes bazaar where they pit local officials against one another to get the most lucrative packages …

For local governments, incentives have become the cost of doing business with almost every business. The Times found that the awards go to companies big and small, those gushing in profits and those sinking in losses, American companies and foreign companies, and every industry imaginable.

Of course, the Toilet Paper Roll tries to concentrate on the money states and local governments invest in companies and corporations, but eschews focusing on the federal investments Obama and his minions have made in their buddies’ businesses.

The Times is pushing the new attack by the Obama administration: the states and local governments are your enemy, not the feds. It’s B.S of the highest order, but what the hell, that’s what Toilet Paper Rolls Are For.