Scarborough: Conservative Media 'Destroying' Republican Party

Scarborough: Conservative Media 'Destroying' Republican Party

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s “House Conservative,” showed his desperation to please his liberal audience today on his 2nd place cable morning show “Morning Joe.”  Watch the video below to see the former Republican congressman explain that the conservative movement has lost its way thanks to “talk radio hosts and bloggers” who are “making tens of millions of dollars. They’re getting rich, and they’re not really hurting this country because they’re irrelevant.” In the world according to Joe, major media companies throw millions of dollars to tv and radio hosts based on their LACK of significance.  

Scarborough spoke in shallow vagaries, in keeping with the show’s grueling format which includes three Mika hair-tosses per five minutes, minimum, and only ventured into specifics once or twice. When you’re in the business of telling the MSNBC audience exactly what they want to hear and believe about conservatives, it’s best to lump all talk radio hosts into one category rather than name names and site specifics.  When he did specifically name Rush Limbaugh, his remedy to solve the non-existent problem was steeped into the kind of violent rhetoric that talk radio hosts get slammed for on Scarborough’s very own network:

El Rush-bo and other millionaire radio hosts can defend themselves quite well, (that’s why they make millions) so, instead, let’s take a moment to enjoy the deliciously hypocritical irony of Joe Scarborough calling conservative talk hosts “bullies” from the obscene nut house that is MSNBC.  

  • MSNBC, the network that employs race-baiting, lying bully Al Sharpton, whose job description before TV was to incite riots that ended in death and mayhem.
  • MSNBC, the network that got fat and famous on the back of Keith Olbermann, who called Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and numerous other conservative women vile and degrading things on the air.  And who has legendary bullying tantrums with his staff and management off the air.
  • MSNBC, the network that emplys Ed Schultz, whose nightly rage-fests are the epitome of blow-hard broadcasting and who has assured his viewers that Republicans want to see old people die.
  • MSNBC, the network who employees Lawrence O’Donnell, who during the 2012 presidential election actually challenged the Republican candidate’s son to a fist fight on the air.  
  • This is Scarborough’s network, his mothership.  He has bought his way into the good graces of the media elite on the left by making daily proclamations about Sarah Palin and conservative media that make his bosses and his pals in the green room so very happy and self-satisfied.  

Scarborough is correct in saying that the conservative movement is at a crossroads and must chose its path forward.  The question is, should conservatives take advice on which path to take from voices who speak to tens of millions of loyal conservatives every day, and have done so for the past several decades, or should they take advice from an empty sweater on a network catering to Rachel Maddow acolytes?