WaPo's Erik Wemple Mocks Assault on Steven Crowder

WaPo's Erik Wemple Mocks Assault on Steven Crowder

Erik Wemple, Washington Post media critic, is mocking Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributor, for getting mugged in Lansing, Michigan by union goons. Wemple writes:

There’s no question that Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was attacked by thugs in Lansing, Mich., yesterday during protests against the state’s right-to-work bill.

No question that the videotape of his involvement shows a peacefully inclined Crowder.

No question that people “were immediately hostile, were immediately violent” toward him, as he said on Fox News’s “Hannity” last night.

No question that those who assaulted him should be tracked down and prosecuted for their offenses.

No question that Crowder came to the event with an agenda tucked into his black leather jacket: “I never went out here to try and be assaulted, as leftists might say,” he told Hannity. “I went out here to prove the left for who they truly are — certainly there’s union thugs — and I’ve achieved that.”

No question that those are the words of an activist, not a reporter.

No question that this crime victim is enjoying it all, as his Twitter feed demonstrates:

Also, longer, unedited footage on @seanhannity tonight. Getting fun… BREITBART LIVES!! youtube.com/watch?v=u_F3oe…

—    Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 12, 2012

So Wemple is now dismissing the importance of Crowder showing the world how violent union thugs are because of Crowder’s supposed vanity? Instead of “fun”, would Wemple prefer Crowder have said “Getting pretty scary out there?”

Methinks Wemple is simply jealous Crowder had the guts to expose himself to the violence of the Left while Wemple sits comfortably in his chair contemplating his navel as a “media critic” for the Washington Post. Leave it to the mainstream media that marches in lockstep to knock a guy challenging union hegemony.