Greta Van Susteren: Has Justice Been Denied in Benghazi?

Greta Van Susteren: Has Justice Been Denied in Benghazi?

During her Dec. 11th “On The Record” program, Greta Van Susteren asked a poignant question: “Has Justice Been Denied in Benghazi?” 

Susteren followed her own question this way: “Three months ago 4 Americans  were murdered at our consulate in Benghazi. Many suspects have been identified and tracked by American intelligence but have not been captured. Is the Libyan government getting in our way?”

She cited a New York Times’ source that says Libya has not been helpful in matters of “sovereignty” regarding the consulate property. This, in turn, blurs the lines regarding which country — Libya or the U.S. — ought to control the investigation. 

Beyond this, Susteren said her understanding is that Libya is pushing back against any U.S. attempts to investigate, period. 

U.S. AFRICOM commander Gen. Carter Ham’s observation is that “Libya Isn’t Moving Fast Enough in [the] Investigation.” Thus the situation that’s emerging is one where Libya inhibits our efforts to learn the truth about the attack but is making few efforts to learn truth themselves. 

Besides these failures and frustrations regarding the Libyan government, Susteren said the public actions of the FBI in the days and months after the attack were not very reassuring either. 

And although she and her guest Ron Kessler granted that the Libyan government may actively be hindering the FBI, Susteren reminded viewers: 

This happened on Sept 11, but reports are that the FBI didn’t get there until early October, which for any crime scene is grossly late. Then once they were there, they didn’t pick up all the documents [in the consulate]. And on October 26 journalists there found documents the FBI [hadn’t collected].

She closed her program by saying “the trail gets colder every single day.” Susteren said she thinks we’ll eventually catch the people who did this, she just wishes the investigation looked more aggressive “from the outside.”