Washington Post Year in Cartoons: Majority Ridicule Romney/Republicans

Washington Post Year in Cartoons: Majority Ridicule Romney/Republicans

The Washington Post posted its year in review of the best political cartoons of 2012 this week. A review of the 56 cartoons shows that a majority of them attack Mitt Romney, Republicans, or conservatives, while only a small sampling make fun of Obama, members of his administration, or liberal ideas.

Many of these political cartoons are quite good for what they are, of course: a skewering of sacred cows, be they on the left, right, or apolitical and concerning pop culture in general. But out of the 56 cartoons presented, the vast majority of them attack the right.

Out of 56 cartoons, 28 of them hit at the right. Nine attack Mitt Romney directly, six attack the GOP or other GOP candidates (such as Newt Gingrich), and an additional 13 attack conservatives or center-right cultural ideas.

On the other side of the aisle, only eight attack Obama or his administration directly, while a scant four cartoons hit on liberal ideas.

Some 15 others send up non-political or other cultural issues and events (such as Tim Tebow, the UN, or the North Koreans).

Naturally, not one cartoon from excellent conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez appears in the Washington Post collection.

In all, 50% of the cartoons strike right-of-center, while only 20% are send-ups of the left.