Barbara Walters Calls Chris Christie Fat, Praises Hillary in Interview 'Special'

Barbara Walters Calls Chris Christie Fat, Praises Hillary in Interview 'Special'

Once again cultural lightweight Barbara Walters splashed across ABC with another one of her year-end Most Fascinating People interview extravaganzas. This time she enriched the public debate by talking about Chris Christie’s weight, tsk tsking David Petreaus and skipping the hard questions to slobber over Hillary Clinton and urge her to run for President.

In her segment with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, for instance, Walters spends the interview needling him on getting his own supporters mad for his embrace of President Obama, whose response to Hurricane Sandy sent the Governor into loving rhetoric just before the late election. Walters also brought up the important issue of Christie’s weight wondering if he was too fat to be a successful politician.

Calling her, “One of the most acclaimed Secretaries of State in modern history” in her interview with Hillary, Walters skipped all those tough questions about Benghazi and instead star gazed into Hillary’s eyes and asked if she’ll run for president.

What was another one of Walters’ important questions to Hillary? “Your hair,” Walters said, before launching into and important, in depth discussion about Hillary’s coif. No, really.

Naturally, Walters went into former General David Petraeus and his year end troubles because he had a scandalous end to a once lustrous career. Walters spent her whole segment looking down her nose at the General.

Walters also talked to those nice intellectual boys from the hit pop band One Direction, TV superstar Honey Boo Boo and a handful of other folks that no one will remember in 20 years time.

It isn’t for naught that Barbara Walters has been made fun of for decades for these “specials.”