CNN's Banfield: Sandy Hook 'As Safe as Any School Can Be'

CNN's Banfield: Sandy Hook 'As Safe as Any School Can Be'

As CNN pulls out all the stops to push an agenda restricting our civil rights with respect to owning firearms, the ignorance on display at the cable network is almost as obnoxious as the bias. During the nine o’clock hour, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield actually said that the school where Friday’s awful massacre took place was as “safe as any school across the country can be.”

What makes Banfield’s ignorance all the more of a tell is the context in which she made the outrageous remark. Her guest was Jake Smith, a corporal in the Gwinnett County Police Dept. — a county in Connecticut not far from where Friday’s shooting spree took place. His department’s response to the shooting has been to station an armed police officer at all 102 of his county schools, and to let the word go forth that there’s an armed police officer is stationed at all 102 of his county schools.

Obviously, Corporal Smith and his department are concerned about a copycat crime and have decided this is a pretty effective deterrent.

Naturally, because this is an alternative idea to deter future mass shootings, it was at this point that Banfield chirped in with her nonsense about Sandy Hook being as safe as any school could be — right before she brought up — you guessed it — access to firearms.  

First off, Sandy Hook was not as safe as any school can be, and Banfield knows this. That school would’ve been safer with an armed guard, an armed police officer, and/or trained and armed teachers on staff.

Rather than acknowledge this, what Banfield did instead was to play a rhetorical trick by pretending Sandy Hook was as safe as “can be.” This allows Banfield to put the blame on access to guns as opposed to the fact that Sandy Hook might have been safer with armed security on staff.

What we have here is just another act of the media subtly shutting down debate that doesn’t conform to the gun control Narrative.

The media is desperate to convince the public that access to guns caused Sandy Hook and therefore the only solution is to restrict that access. What we’re seeing time and again is that the media will not allow a discussion that proposes other ideas, such as protecting America’s schoolchildren like we do banks or, say, CNN headquarters — you know, with armed security.

No one’s saying armed security is the solution, but how will we know for sure unless we’re allowed to have a national discussion?

But gun control is The Narrative, and CNN and the rest of the media are determined to snuff out any discussion of any proposed solution that gets in the way of that.

Over and over, we’re watching the media push for gun control at the expense of all other ideas. They’re obviously terrified the agenda might get sidetracked.

It’s just a sad fact that the media’s placing their left-wing agenda above the safety of schoolchildren.


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