NBC News Analyst: NRA 'Shameful' 'Cowards'

NBC News Analyst: NRA 'Shameful' 'Cowards'

The attack on the National Rifle Association is fully engaged over at NBC News cable outlet MSNBC today.  Martin Bashir hosted a slanted and hostile discussion that went beyond advocating for restrictions on the constitutional right to bear arms, it targeted and pummeled the NRA.  

Analyst Karen Finney, who recently blamed conservative politicians and talk radio hosts for the death of Trayvon Martin, called the NRA “shameful” and “cowards” for choosing to not make a political issue out of the tragic events in Newton, CT.  Ms. Finney attacked them for opting to show respect and public decorum by staying silent on political arguments while an appropriate grieving process can continue.  In Ms. Finney’s world, if the NRA doesn’t fully engage in the kind of vitriolic, partisan shouting match over gun control that she clearly wants to have on the same day two bodies in the mass murder are laid to rest, then they must be “cowards.” 

Bashir and Finney both used talking points direct from the left-wing attack machine Media Matters for America in their assault on the NRA.  There is an uncanny similarity between the MSNBC segment and talking points found on the MMfA web site.

In a strange, non-sequitor, Bashir notes the money the NRA contributed to the Romney presidential campaign.  Meanwhile, on the Media Matters website:  The NRA spent nearly $12 million dollars on an “All In” campaign to remove Obama from office, but was unable to deliver.

Finney describes the NRA’s ability to affect the political landscape: “We need to keep the pressure up publicly to shame people out of this mis-information… it’s this mythology that the NRA somehow is going to take you out if you don’t do what they say.”  Over at Media Matters you’ll find plenty of posts with almost the exact same language, including a liberal use of the word “myth”:  

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Talking points much?

As NBC News continues to push their political agenda they are not only showing themselves to be repetitive hacks, they are also proving that they are just plain lazy shills for odious groups like Media Matters.  

When will a grown-up start to exert some editorial oversight to this cable news mess?  Brian Williams?  Steve Capus?  Anyone?