Challenge to Gun Control Narrative Results In Soledad O'Brien Meltdown

Challenge to Gun Control Narrative Results In Soledad O'Brien Meltdown

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien invited author and frequent Breitbart News contributor, John Lott, to come on her show this morning. It’s pretty obvious that his recent appearances on other CNN shows, where he advocated for fewer gun control laws, had made her angry and that she saw this as an opportunity to take a whack at him.

What Lott’s doing here is challenging The Narrative. Were he not, were he instead advocating for more gun control laws, there’s no way O’Brien would slowly freak out on him like this:


O’Brien not only loses her composure, talks over Lott, and ignores absolutely every point he makes — she also lives under the delusion that the banning of guns will somehow make us safer — as though the gun control laws she so desperately desires won’t ensure that only the law-abiding are the ones without firearms and therefore unable to defend themselves.

Moreover, you have to wonder if O’Brien truly understands the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic, or if she’s intentionally muddying the issue.

The video cuts off just as O’Brien turns to, yes, Deepak Chopra to reassure her that she’s right.

There’s chatter that with their recent management change, CNN is considering replacing O’Brien with Erin Burnett. It’s really hard to think of anyone who would not be an improvement in that time slot.


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