Howard Kurtz Worries Media Will Give up Anti-Gun Push

Howard Kurtz Worries Media Will Give up Anti-Gun Push

Note that Kurtz is concerned only with gun control and says nothing about school safety.

But this is how the media game is rigged…

You have a left-wing media pushing left-wing politicians to pass gun control, and should that fail, as back-up you have left-wing media watchdogs pushing the left-wing media to push left-wing politicians to push for gun control:

Maybe Newtown will be the 9/11 of school safety.

The media paid scant attention to gun control in the past, in part because of a conviction that the NRA would block any reform on Capitol Hill. At the same time, they took their cue from the fact that officeholders in both parties were avoiding the issue at all costs–Republicans because they mainly support the status quo, Democrats because they mostly deem it political poison.

And all of this is taking place under the ridiculous guise of “objectivity.”

Regardless, gun control and school safety are two entirely different concepts. Over the past week, we’ve learned a lot about how little too many in our media really care about stopping these mass-killings.


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