Scarborough: Government Must Threaten Hollywood with Censorship

Scarborough: Government Must Threaten Hollywood with Censorship

Scarborough’s not-at-all veiled threat to Hollywood about government censorship troubles me even more than ‘Sanctimonious Joe’s’ emotionally-driven betrayal of our Second Amendment civil rights. 

We’re talking about the government censoring artistic freedom and speech here; we’re talking about our most sacred of rights being infringed upon by the federal government. And this censorship debate is not only happening here in the American media, but as you’ll see below, it’s happening without protest:


People in the White House understand this; they’re going to have to go to Hollywood — their base — and say, ‘You guys are a part of this too. You’re going to have to come to the table and you either enforce yourselves, or we may have to take some steps.”

Not only is someone who describes himself as a conservative saying this, but it’s being said without challenge on a morning news show that hosts our so-called “thought leaders.”

Well, our Thought Leaders seem awfully eager to become our Thought Police, don’t they?

The left has spent the last half-century celebrating the death of the old Hollywood Production Code — but here we go again.

Just who is it who will decide what should and should not be censored? Will we censor only video games, or will we censor movies and television? Will we censor violence or will we censor nihilism? And if we censor nihilism, does that include porn, rap, and Will Ferrell comedies?

What about the product that’s already out there? Will we burn Quentin Tarantino’s films? Will Walmart be required to pull “Call of Duty” off the shelves and hand over lists of those who have already purchased it?

I’d really appreciate it if Scarborough and company would get a little more specific about the “steps” they want the government to take against Hollywood.

But the worst part of all this is that neither restricting our speech or gun rights will do a damn thing to stop these shootings. This is nothing more than the left exploiting a tragedy to do what they always to do after a tragedy: make an organized push to restrict our individual civil rights.

If Scarborough or anyone else truly cared about protecting schools and children, they would demand our schools be immediately protected by armed guards. That’s a real solution. But the media knows a real solution will kill any head of public opinion steam they’re building to increase the federal government’s ability to control us.


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